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The Top 5 Hair Weave Styles of 2016

Update your current hairstyle with a beautiful, fashionable new weave inspired by our 5 Best Black Weave Hairstyles! Weave hairstyles are versatile, low maintenance, and stylish, making them a great option if you’re looking for a refreshing change from natural hairstyles. Get ideas from the fabulous hairstyles of popular black female celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna, Kerry Washington, Naomi Campbell, Chanel Iman, and Keri Hilson. Whether you’re looking for a long, sleek hairstyle, a trendy and edgy bob, or a romantic curly weave, you’re sure to find the perfect weave hairstyle right here.

1. Beyonce Knowles Weave Hairstyle: Mid-length, beachy waves


Sensational songstress Beyonce Knowles looks fabulous with her mid-length, beachy waves of hair. We love the varied hues of this weave – warm caramel, touches of platinum, and rich streaks of honey blonde – and the great natural texture of her locks. The blonde highlights are perfect for summer, as they brighten up Bey’s complexion, giving her face a warm and healthy glow. When getting highlights, choose a shade that flatters your complexion – lighter highlights suit medium to fair complexions, whereas muted (darker) highlights look better with darker complexions.

2. Kerry Washington Weave Hairstyle: Long tousled bob with bangs


Scandal actress Kerry Washington looks divine with her long, tousled bob and choppy bangs. This weave hairstyle is very flattering for her heart-shaped face, as the feathered layers soften her angular jawline and pointed chin. The long bangs skim her eyes, accentuating her long lashes and berry-stained lips. When you get your weave, make sure that you trim the bangs to suit your face shape – long bangs are flattering for long faces and angular faces, whereas short bangs are better for rounder faces.

3. Kelly Rowland Weave Hairstyle: Long, glamorous curls


Singer, songwriter and actress Kelly Rowland looks gorgeous with her long, glamorous curls and shimmery raven locks. Jet black is classy, simple, and flattering for darker skin tones, making it a popular hue for weaves. The curls add width to Kelly’s long face by accentuating her cheekbones, and we love the thick, voluminous locks that cascade over her shoulders. Wear your weave in a deep middle parting for maximum glamour, and keep your curls in place with a light, non-greasy hair spray.

4. Rihanna Fenty Weave Hairstyle: Sexy blonde curls


Barbadian beauty and singer Rihanna Fenty looks stunning with her sexy blonde curls and candyfloss-pink lips. This weave hairstyle is casual and romantic, and the warm honey-blonde color is perfect for summer. For a soft and flirty look, make sure that the tips of your weave are feathered (cut so that they are soft and fluffy, instead of blunt and harsh). If you have a high forehead like Rihanna’s, add a few soft, wispy bangs to conceal it. Opt for smoky eye-makeup, dewy skin, and pale pink lips for a pretty finishing touch.

5. Chanel Iman Weave Hairstyle: Sweeping side-fringe


American model Chanel Iman looks superb with her medium length locks and a long, sweeping side fringe. Her weave sports a subtle ombre fade from rich espresso brown to a warm caramel brown, giving her locks extra volume and depth. Create a long, sweeping side fringe by making a deep side parting and combing hair across your forehead. Use an anti-frizz spray for a sleek finish, and wear your hair loose to show off your gorgeous ombre fade.

6. Keri Hilson Weave Hairstyle: Edgy asymmetrical bob


Singer-songwriter Keri Hilson looks stunning with her edgy asymmetrical bob and a rich two-tone hair color. The asymmetrical bob is angled and uneven, creating a fantastic contrast with Keri’s symmetrical features and her balanced oval face shape. Vary your hair color for a contemporary look – take inspiration from Keri and choose two flattering shades of brown or blonde for your new weave hairstyle.

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